Saturday 27 April 2019

Windy Politics

Storm Hannah has arrived and brought us...nothing like the promised amounts of rain and gales here although it was still very blowy.

It was our club's first 1st XI game of the season today, and like every other game it got rained off before it started. The forecast for my first game with a mixed 2s and 3s side looks rather better, as I get ready for my first score of zero for the season as well as my bowling being hit into faraway fields.

Wasn't much nature about today in the breeze, although a father and son combo was making an attempt to fly a huge 3 metre kite without having their arms ripped out.

Likewise the wind was having an effect on the local Labour party folk who were struggling with signs being blown off their stall in the market place today.

Not really a day for being outside nature spotting, although I did walk for 90 minutes, and did 50 minutes on my exercise bike.


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