Tuesday 23 April 2019

Rock and Roll in Bristol!

So, as well as taking in a trip to the zoo, my main reason for visiting Bristol was to see Bexatron, my sister's very loud rock band that have gigged extensively in London and up and down the country.

For many reasons, mainly relating to me being a rubbish brother, I was yet to see them until Saturday, and unlike my sister, was absolutely quaking with nerves about seeing the band and also meeting a lot of new people - hello Tourettes and Aspie anxiety issues - but I was fine and as usual had done a lot of worrying for nothing.

The band were great, my sister a fantastic front woman who had the audience eating  out of her hand, and all the people were really nice and bright and I had a great time.

There's no nature in this pic, I hope my sister makes up for it.


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