Saturday 13 April 2019

Exhausted Beyond All Measure

Not sure what is up with my body today, I didn't have any kind of heavy night last night but I woke up late, and after going to the park and having my usual cup of tea, and then doing some very unexciting shopping and window hunting for flats, I came home for lunch with plans for my afternoon...

...and fell asleep for three hours, with brief periods of wakefulness where I could barely move a muscle.

Well it was a very busy week at work! And I did get to have a big old blast on my exercise bike after tea. I'll be fine tomorrow, and soon be seeing my sister.


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  1. Recovering from the week no doubt. Better tomorrow.

  2. It's not been the kind of weather to make me very enthusiastic about getting out and about this weekend either. Roll on some warmer weather.