Friday 26 April 2019

The Circus has come to Town

Not a massive fan of old style circuses, either animal-featuring or not, largely due to the presence of clowns which I find neither creepy or scary but totally unfunny and un-entertaining. One has arrived in town, a sort of Anglo-Brazilian affair judging by the flags, which has resulted in the appearance of a big top and a large number of rather second hand looking caravans.

Folk are mad for tickets though, apparently.

Soooo, not done much today after the madness of yesterday other than have a walk and watched the area around my wasp sting go hot, red and cover about half my arm. My ankle and knees ache after cricket practice.

First match on Sunday, the excitement mounts.


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  1. Good luck for Sunday. Circuses are abysmal particularly that one by the look of it.

  2. Love that little pony. I presume from your comments Si that you are not going to the circus.

  3. I hate circuses, but I love the things that are natural.