Sunday 14 April 2019

Last Indoor Cricket Practice of 2019

So after 10 weeks, today marked the last of our indoor net sessions at Newark R and M cricket club. I've been to every session, and there's only a few that have so I suppose I can congratulate myself on my commitment, if not my talent.

I hope it helps with the upcoming season, which will start for me with a friendly on the 28th April. I've been bowling ok and batting ok, but haven't done any fielding practice yet - always a tricky skill for me!

I was knackered after today's session, I really was, I expend a lot of energy on not bowling terribly quickly, while trying not to be jealous of the 13 year olds who have far more natural talent than I will ever have.

Ah well, my job is not to be the star. But you never know.


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