Saturday 6 April 2019

Cricket Force

I've had a different sort of day today, a sort of "try and do something positive day", and essentially try and get out of the house before 1030am on a Saturday.

So I went down to my summer home from home, Newark R and M cricket club to help out with their "Cricket Force" weekend, a nationally sponsored exercise where cricket clubs throughout the country are  encouraged to sort out their grounds and pavilions in preparation for the new season. Work commitments have stopped me getting down before this year, as well as another sort of issue.

I am utterly hopeless at anything regarding maintenance, fixing, repairing, painting or anything that requires use of the hands.

Having explained that to those in charge, it was deemed that I couldn't make too much of a disaster of washing the windows, so I did that for the whole pavilion without breaking anything and  got some praise for not doing so.

Around me, rather more capable people were chain-sawing wood, fixing guttering and painting the pavilion ceilings. Some of them were 7 years old.

I then did a bit of gardening and leaf-raking, filling very large bags with leaves, although after a couple of hours it  looked like I hadn't done anything anyway as there was still brown crispy foilage from the several hundred trees that seem to surround the ground and my bowling is regularly hit over.

More tomorrow, if all goes well.


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  1. After a team-building exercise like that the actual games should be easy!

  2. Lovely to see everyone mucking in and what a lovely pavilion.

  3. Get to play on some lovely grounds -Thurgarton Manor, Newstead Abbey, Colston Basset under the ruined church. Ours too is very pretty.