Thursday 18 April 2019

Flowers are Pink, Face is Pink

Despite bowling for an hour and a half in cricket nets last night, for some reason I though it would be a good idea to have a run to the park this morning, under a warm morning sun.

My foot was rather sore, and my legs were so stiff after yesterday then it was a very slow trudge round the park to Rumbles, and then on through town to home. Only about 6.5km - my Strava has decided it doesn't want to save my runs any more so I can't be more specific - but it felt about twice as far.

I need to do it, as I feel very flabby and unfit at the moment.

What is good at this time of year is the diverse number of insect species you get in the air as Spring begins to warm up. On the butterfly front I've seen orange tip, brimstone, small white, peacock, small tort and holly blue, and there are all manner of solitary bees out and about too.

So much to see!

I also appear to have nesting long tailed tits somewhere around my garden area, judging by the solitary one I saw scooting around the  undergrowth. I have also caught a bit of sun, judging by my pink face.


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  1. lovely blossoms and otter sculptures.

    How lucky to have long tailed tits nesting in your garden!

  2. Lovely blossom (and handsome man in photo) and lucky you to have a nest of long tailed tits.