Friday 5 April 2019

Threatening Skies Again

This is actually from a few days ago, we've had rather more settled weather the last few days and I've been too busy at work to get out at lunch for a look around. Few queen red tailed bumbles have been about, but not many other insects in the cooler weather.

Around the streets, the bird song is  incredibly loud, with great tits and chaffinches now piercing above the more melodic songs of the robins and blackbirds. Over at Rumbles Cafe, their bird box has had blue tits checking it out.

It is the season of love, evidently.

Me I'm keeping as busy as I can to stave off the usual troubles, but feel very bloated and overweight. I've been trying to make some dietary changes and cut out carbs, and it helps, but there's other stuff going on.

But, fun visits upcoming.


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