Monday 1 April 2019

Chip Fight

Wanted to make the most of this double last day today - last day off and last day of good weather - and managed to have a couple of nice walks today followed by a short sharp session on the exercise bike while watching Star Trek.

As well as nature, I love my sci-fi!

I saw plenty of stuff but wasn't able to photograph much of it - a lovely bee fly was sitting still for me before some passer by disturbed it. I hate it when that happens. Holly blues never settle much for photo opps - yes they were up today - and I wasn't sharp enough for other things.

However, what I was able to watch at leisure today was a battle over half a chip fought by four rather hopeless pigeons while I had a cup of tea at the open air cafe on the market place.

It was rather like watching one of Aesop's fables being acted out for you, because the birds were fighting over the damn chip so much, none of them actually got around to eating it. Every time a pigeon got hold of the damn thing, it spend so much time strutting around with it, it never got to eat it.

I'm not sure any of them did.


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  1. Ha ha. Birds are funny. I have been watching Herring Gulls and their courtship ritual. Ending up with an Open beaked "All together now."!