Wednesday 17 April 2019

Fire in the Town!

Well, our town is famous today, being on TV and all, because of the huge scrap yard fire that started at about 1130am on the outskirts of town, sending a huge pall of dirty, stinging smoke into the air.

Apparently the warning went out for people to remain indoors and shut their windows in affected areas, but I never heard anything, nor did my mates at the cricket club as we had our first outdoor practice session of the year as the cloud of smoke rumbled past the ground.

Even away from down-wind, you could taste and smell the chemicals in the air, and your eyes smarted somewhat.

The fire is ongoing, and is not expected to be put out until tomorrow.

Happily, before that, I did manage to get a nice shot of a small tortoiseshell in the library gardens, on a really nice spring and non-toxic morning.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 17.04.19


  1. It doesnt look that toxic but obviously was if you could taste it. Yeuk.

  2. I wish I knew how you persuade butterflies to sit still long enough to photograph them.

    Hope the fire get put out today

  3. I think they always issue warnings like that when there's a scrapyard fire as they simply don't know what has been dumped there, legally or illegally. If you're reading this it can't have been too serious! :)

  4. Wonderful photos of the Small Tortoiseshell.

    I hope they soon put the fire out - it sounds rather toxic!

  5. Tortoiseshell and daisies - beautiful photo.

  6. You are right, I'm still alive! They've still been attending the fire today