Wednesday, 18 May 2016

We have Reached "Peak Spring"

I have some pictures from my 13km run on Tuesday, and my 10km run today.

I feel I ought to be writing something terribly profound and exploratory for you; how my exploration of nature and running helps my Tourette's and general wellbeing, to write something really inspiring to get more local people here to explore the environment on their doorstep, and also to remind people that there's a lot more to Tourette's and Asperger spectrum conditions than swearing and that funny bloke on Holby City.

Trouble is, when I'm composing my think pieces in my head while I'm out on the road, I always get distracted by Radio 4 or trying to work out the theme on Radcliffe and Maconie's show on 6 Music. Also, profundity tends to get replaced by profanity as I start to get really knackered.

I don't think anyone will be offering me silly money to write my own Chris Packham style memoir anytime soon. Oh well.

Meanwhile, as my mind churns away, I'm running through churchyards and cemeteries that are really at the peak of Spring. Farndon churchyard is full of forget-me-not, while Newark cemetery is knee deep in saxifrage - never seen so much of it before - and buttercup at the moment. The bluebells maybe past their best, and yellow has now retaken its place from blue as the predominant colour amongst the graves.

I'm always sad when the council workers cut it all back.

We have new families too. A family of canada geese blocked my run and I got pantomime style hissing from mummy and daddy, and also ludicrously cute baby moorhens are fluffing about on London Road Lake.

There's profound stuff to be written there, about the joy of seeing new life coming into the world and all that stuff. But frankly, it would be rather nauseating.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.05.16

These shots from Farndon church, apart from the ramsons that were in Willow Holt

The lovely flower carpets in Newark cemetery

Family not overhappy with runner

Carpet of daisies by the Blue Lake


  1. Putting words to the experience of one's senses can be flipping impossible, Si! Your graveyard get's better and better.

  2. Beautiful shots of the notts countryside. Learning about Tourette's through you is enlightening and educating Si, I've learnt a lot I didn't know and that is a good thing in my book :-). Love the goslings.

  3. Lovely photos, so wonderful to see all those flowers and the goslings.

    Your comment about something profound to say but that would be nauseating, chimes with how I feel sometimes when reading the 'new nature writers', how they're all so self consciously lyrical and profound and it puts me off trying to be a proper nature writer, because for me the moment and the beauty itself is more important than trying to find the fanciest words to describe it and how it affects me.

  4. Wonderful flowers Simon, the Forget-me-nots in the church-yard are lovely, as are all the other blooming beauties.

  5. Wonderful to see so many flowers in the churchyards - lovely photos. The goslings are very cute too :)

  6. Thank you everyone! Soon the flowers will be cut back, this is the best they've ever been though.

  7. Wonderful photos of all the flowers, so lovely to see. We had doubled-flowered cuuckoos and Cuckoo plants flowering very nicely on the edges of some waste ground next to the park, council have mowed them down:(
    Amanda xx