Tuesday 24 May 2016

Dreaming of Running AGAIN

I have been very tired again today on my first day post shift.

So tired I slept late most of the morning, a sleep constantly interrupted, a sleep punctuated by many dreams.

And in one of those many dreams, I dreamed of running again, on the same dream route I'm pretty sure I've dreamed of mentioning before; a river that starts somewhere along Clay Lane and heads out into the country before you find yourself at a couple of ponds near a cricket ground. The river is fast and shallow, with pools along its short length and unlike any river to be found near here.

However this is closer to reality than the other dream landscape I found myself running along, a much longer 15 or so mile run out of town to valley between high crags that leads you back towards town! This I have also dreamed about running on before, a wild land full of ravens and peregrines. Even crazier was that in the dream, I knew I had dreamed of running on it before.

This is all getting very "Inception"!

My mind is probably telling me it is bored of running all over the same local trails. I had a very gentle jog tonight, and was most distressed to come across what I think what a Romanian kid shooting a catapult at the local birds. Distressed too because my upset at this made me feel like a rabid Brexiter, when bad treatment of animals is also the domain of local kids too. I remember seeing some stab a frog with a fishing hook, and saying "Well, it's what the French do."


I'd rather have my dreams.


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  1. Your dreams sound wonderful! But as for animal cruelty, or kids' viciousness, they're definitely not limited to one nationality. Must be better ways to harness their curiosity.

  2. How horrible. Si. I once saw a child pulling wings off a fly when I was also a kid. It really upset me and I shouted at him. He looked perplexed as to why anyone would care.

  3. Thank you for visiting! I wish I had the landscapes of my dreams to run in!

  4. Newark Castle through the buttercups. Exquisite/