Thursday 5 May 2016

Ghost Trees in the Dusk

I had a stroll out tonight to vote, in a slightly hazy dusk.

There's nothing interesting to vote for here, no mayor, councillors or assemblies. Just the PCC, but even after struggling to locate my polling card amid a sea of junk mail - I failed - I felt it was my duty to exercise a right an awful lot of people don't have.

Besides, I take a great deal of pleasure in NOT voting for one particular party. After I'd scrawled my cross on the paper, using those great thick pencils you only find in polling booths, I trotted back to the little gardens not far from home with a great deal of satisfaction.

It was obviously a slow night, voting wise; the two attendants nearly fainted when I walked in.

Great trees have spouted blossom on the park. In the low light, they looked ghostly. Swifts flew above, getting lower, screaming more and more.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.05.16


  1. The trees certainly look ghostly and the sound of swifts in the twilight is always a little unsettling. Voting was similarly slack around here but the officials enjoyed their day sitting outside in the sunshine.

  2. Great shots Si! Well worth the walk to cast your vote!

    My first Swifts of the year last night were a joy to see!

  3. Blossom is just beginning to appear here. No screaming swifts, just loud buzzing from all the bees taking advantage of the blossom.

  4. Thank you all, no idea what my vote actually did yet. We will see!

  5. Some great shots here ...

    All the best Jan