Wednesday 11 May 2016

Buttercups on the Graves

Dryer, but just as grey today, with only a couple of penny sized patches of blue sky seen all day. It made it a bit easier to get outside, and in the morning I did a 5km walk to the park, and the afternoon found me doing a 10km run.

Not so easy when your thighs are covered with huge cricket bruises.

The cemetery has now reached its final phase of spring, with buttercups and white flowers I think may be saxifrage of some kind the latest flowers to swarm over the century old graves. They will be the last too, normally when the bluebells are over, the gardeners at the cemetery cut all the flowers down. I noticed also that there are tiny white flowers carpeting the ground at the base of trees, perhaps some form of chickweed.

Oilseed rape is now out in the Grange Road fields, but on a cooler day the thick scent of the flowers isn't so bad for the passing runner. I noticed some little brown birds with white bellies hovering in the wind above the yellow blooms, "peep-ing" away; meadow pipits I assume.

I haven't seen them in that field before.

So my detailing of the year goes on! The spring phrase comes to an end. I've been thinking about careers as ever; surely I am not too old to ever be a success?


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.05.16

Ceonothus, but too dull for bees

Not sure what this tree is

More, and different, flowers on the graves

Saxifrage - I think - and buttercups

Closer up

Buttercup grave

Tiny chickweed type stuff

It was found at the base of trees

Oilseed rape

Horses and buttercups


  1. Lovely to see the flowers growing in the Church yard, your plant that you said looks like Chickweed, looks like Miner's lettuce, have a look see what you think...

    Amanda xx

  2. Thanks! I agree! Foragable stuff too, prevents scurvy, says Wiki

  3. I've never really noticed any scent from rape flowers but do find it a pungent odour after it's cut and left to dry in the field.

  4. When you run, it is a very oily sweet smell in the air. Hard to run in actually.