Monday, 16 May 2016

I've had the Builders in

For a man who considers himself sharply observant, I've missed a fairly blatant bit of construction that has been going on without planning permission.

I looked out my living room window this morning, down onto my little postage stamp garden, and saw that a bird's nest had been built smack in the middle of my low ivy bush.

Looking in, it seems blatant that this is a blackbird nest, and it has sadly been abandoned. One of the eggs appears to have a chick in it. I wonder if this nest, being very low down and very exposed by blackbird standards, was raided by a magpie or some other such predator.

After taking these photographs, got on with having a ten km run on what had by now turned into a lovely afternoon, with many holly blues, orange tips and small whites in flight. Clay Lane has largely dried out, and alongside it donkeys graze in fields of buttercups, and the oilseed rape is blooming.

I ran round to Beacon Hill Reserve, which is straggly and strangely devoid of butterflies and birds today. Still, I love the fact that so few people in my town know the reserve is there.

But I also hate it too!

Enjoy your weeks all!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 16.05.16


  1. Shame about the nest been abandoned but it does look a little exposed, have seen Magpies with blackbird chicks this week. They never give up once they find a nesting bird.
    The land round your run looks very lush and green.
    Amanda xx

  2. Thank you Amanda there's been plenty of rain, so it is in very lush shape!

  3. That's a real shame about the nest, however as Blackbirds nest so early they will have a chance to raise more young hopefully picking a better site-it's a hard way to learn though. Walking on my local patch I've been delighted to hear and see a family of Blackbirds - parents and two chicks looking big and healthy and getting lots of worms and insects from the cut grass of the golf course.

  4. What a shame about the deserted nest but such is the way of nature I guess. Still sad though! However quite a few young birds are now starting to appear in the garden and the countryside so there is plenty to be cheerful about :-)

    Hope you are well :-)