Sunday 17 February 2019

Wow! Someone has Woken Up

As I sit here typing this on my chromebook with the dodgy space bar, my foot is really sore after cricket practice, and I'm going to have to have another session rolling on the tennis ball.

But today has been good. Not only did I bat better in the nets - thank god - but I had a delightful long walk through the cemetery and across Grange Road fields to the park. Although there was a fair amount of cloud around, when the sun deigned to make an appearance it got really quite mild.

Spring is way ahead of last year, I think. As I entered the cemetery for the first time in a week, I was stunned to see how fast the full crocus emergence has taken place; the graves are surrounded by a beautiful purple and white carpet.

I'd have to check through my records to see how advanced (or not!) this is compared to other years, but it feels early.

But mere purple and white flowers, no matter how lovely, were not the main reason to get excited today. Because I, and it seems a fair few other nature watchers on my social media feeds, saw the first 2019 honeybee today.

It caught my eye straightaway, as there really isn't much flying around at the moment. It was feeding off the crocuses and judging by its full orange saddlebags,  it was having a successful day, which was how I felt as soon as I saw it.

It was the only buzzer or flutter I saw today, with the temperature forecast to rise still further, I don't think it will be long before others appear.

Crazy isn't it, for something that happens every year to be greeted with so much joy.


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  1. It is just so wonderful that nature provides all this. Amongst all the blank blank Brexit anguish tune in to nature.

  2. It seems very early to me too - which just shows how quickly I forget; I have a crocus photo on my blog from Feb 5th 2018 and I think I'd taken it a day or two previous to that. Theresothingworsethanadodgyspacebar.

  3. lovely photos of the crocuses and the honey bee. No bees up here yet

  4. Thank you all, I'm worried it will all happen too fast!