Sunday 3 February 2019

Return to the Nets

As today proved, I'm not such a natural sportsman that I can take 6 months off and come back as good (or average) as I ever was.

Yes, it was the first evening of cricket practice of 2019, on the underground bounce of the nets of the local academy. It was the busiest I've ever seen nets, which was probably a blessing as I didn't have to bowl too much on my plantar fascitis foot which by the way stood up to it ok.

Or at least, it doesn't hurt any more that it usually does.

As it turned out, I bowled ok, once I'd got a rotten full toss out of my system. Clattered the stumps a few times, although every time I tried to field off my own bowling I fell over and missed the ball.

Batting was a different matter. Like any kind of "hit a thing with a thing" sport - tennis, billiars - once I get out of practice, I completely lose any basic ability for a while. The first two balls bowled to me I missed completely and knocked over the three sticks. I then took my helmet off and batted with a cap on instead, and although I didn't get castled again I still couldn't hit the bloody thing.

It was only my last couple of deliveries that my feet began to move anywhere at all.

Hopefully things will be better next week, because no-one else seems to get as rusty in the off season as I do.


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  1. I guess thats why you have to practise. I remember being told keep your eye on the ball. Cricket and tennis, and squash. I still got hit on the head, probably as I had took my eye off the ball.

  2. The England team seem to be having problems with "hitting a thing with a thing" too - if you get the hang of it please give them a call!

  3. Ha it's one thing facing bowlers who bowl at 65mph, another facing bowlers at 95mph!