Monday 18 February 2019

Transition Time

I feel rather sad, as ever, because it is the time the season when our first spring flowers are now very much on the turn, with the snowdrops and aconite beginning to look rather second hand.

It's the necessary nature of things, but for just one year I wish that the wildflowers would be added to as the year went on, with nothing going to seed. The colour and beauty would just be laid on top, layer after layer, so everything would end up being a lush paradise for birds, butterflies, bees and humans!

Imagine it - snowdrop, aconite, crocus, daffodil, primrose, forget-me-not, saxifrage, buttercup and all the other flowers just blooming in a riot in all the parks and gardens!

Oh well...

So, I mentioned transition, and now we have grape hyacinth and glory of the snows making an appearance, white and yellow giving way to blue.


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