Sunday, 10 February 2019

The Clouds! The Pain!

I went to the park for a lunch time cup of tea- nothing terribly exciting there I'm afraid, apart from the fact that the black-headed gulls were incredibly noisy and sounded like the gull-like screeches on "Echoes" by Pink Floyd.

I wonder how it gets decided which gulls get their black heads back first - is it a testosterone thing, like some form of avian puberty? Who knows?

The cloudscapes on yet another scuddy day were spectacular.

The early evening was taken up with cricket practice where again I bowled well, and batted horribly if not as horribly as last week. The main issue was my foot, which was fine last week, but this evening flared up really badly as I made an awkward step while delivering the ball.

Hence, it's rolling myfoot on a tennis ball time again.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your foot. Blackheaded Gulls are really noisy. Not sure who gets the black head first. Are they getting them where you are? Still the black blobs on the side here.

  2. Training injuries. Tell me about them. I rolling my calf on a hard black ball. Yesterday I was engrossed in painting so forgot the massage. Pah!

  3. Yes,we have black headed gulls with black heads now! Couple more weeks and they will start to leave local ponds