Saturday 23 February 2019

Let the Buzzing Commence!

And first up in the "no shit Sherlock" news headlines, today has been a pretty glorious early spring day for me, and probably much of the country. At Rumbles cafe today, the park was wonderfully full of families having fun, and some of the trees were in blossom.

I was even able to sit outside in a T-Shirt, which I can't remember doing in February ever. However, there were no butterflies on the wing as I was hoping for - it had the feeling of being a brimstone day.

There were no butterflies when I walking through the cemetery amidst the purple and white carpets of crocus, and initially, nothing else on the wing either. But halfway along the tree lined central avenue, a twitching crocus revealed the presence of a very large buff tailed bumblebee queen, feeding richly off the early pollen.

She really was a beauty; freshly painted and with a buzz like a zeppelin. The flowers could barely take her weight when she fed. She knows little of what she is, the signifier of an advancing, growing year, warmer days and the renewal of life.

But I did.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 23.02.19


  1. Cannot believe all that blossom! Very strange. Good to see on one hand but a bit worrying on the other. Nothing like that happening up here in Scotland. Usual spring bulbs shooting up and the odd one blooming. We have seen moths. And a wasp.

  2. What a beauty she is as you rightly say Si = and that carpet of crocus is superb.

  3. Been crazy hasn't it? Colder in early March though apparently

  4. Wonderful photos of the Spring flowers and it is so lovely to see bees beginning to re-appear.

  5. The crocuses are beautiful!!