Friday 8 February 2019

Forget Yesterday Today was Wild!

I said it was windy yesterday, but at least it was dry...

When I went walking at 2pm this afternoon, it was indeed dry, but that was not to last long. Crafty Green Poet reckoned today would be an overtrousers day, and she really wasn't wrong. I was walking  through the cemetery as a pall of grey cloud came scudding over, and had to make a slightly bizarre diversion into the sports centre reception in order to slip on the deeply unsexual overtrousers.

Felt very awkward. But I can't put trousers on standing up.

Had to be done though. The rain began to get heavy straight away, and by the time I got onto the path through the farm fields at the back of Grange Road, it had got really squally and I could barely hear this afternoon's Radio 4 play about post-traumatic air traffic controllers over the wind.

It did stop raining, at which point I started to feel rather sweaty and skanky, and was glad to get home after a couple of hours and jump in the bath for a few months.

Didn't go on my exercise bike. Body just kept saying no.


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  1. You still managed to find cheery aconites and crocus.

  2. It was foul. I too had the unsexy over trousers on. But could not walk far in the wind. Crocuses! Not much blooming here.

  3. A very good day for the wind turbines, but that's about all.