Monday 11 February 2019

Stunned by a Stunning Mandarin Duck

Today has been positively spring-like...

I bet loads of blogs have started like that today, largely because it was true. I knew that I'd see some sort of spring sight today, and lo and behold, a very pale and worn small tortoiseshell suddenly flew up as I walked past its sunning post in the library gardens.

I've seen other reports of bees being spotted today too, but that was nothing compared to the surprise I got when walking around Balderton Lake this afternoon, when I sight of a beautiful mandarin duck swimming towards the lakeside with a group of mallards.

Now these exotic characters are a common enough sight at the various lakes at the various stately homes round  here like Clumber, Rufford and Wollaton, but this is the first ever sighting I've come across from the town.

Like the winter resident little egret, still present on the lagoon in its second winter, we are getting more interesting species coming into town.

I wonder why...


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.02.19


  1. You will have to try and see it out of the water and if it is ringed. Aberdeen has a regular visitor every year. Also a stately home further up. They know where they come from from the ring.I still havent seen one. So lovely to see your photos.

  2. A real Bobby Dazzler. A great find.

  3. Wonderful to see them, though the possible climate change reasons are not so comforting. Lovely pictures, too. Would you mind if I tried to draw the bird from the last one?

  4. What a great sighting :) Lovely photos.

  5. please anyone, draw away! Thank you all.


    Here is my effort - done in black biro.