Thursday 31 January 2019

My Own Personal Big Freeze

As I had glumly predicted  last night, as the pavements began to sparkle with ice and the puddles solidify into solid mirrors for the streetlights, this morning was going to be a very cold cycle into work.

And that is exactly what it was, a rimed world of biting air at minus seven celsius, Raynaud hands bitten by cold as I rode along trying to keep my eyes open for black ice in the pre-dawn light.

I was safe though, riding very carefully and the dry night meant there wasn't too much ice to be had. But it was still a relief to get to work in one piece.

The grasslands at work looked stunning, plants frozen into crystalline alien life forms on a frozen satellite in another solar system. Then the fog came, and the air glittered with drifting hoar frost.

It was beautiful, but I'd rather it happened at the weekend when I'm not working.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 31.01.19


  1. That is frost. Far worse than we have had.

  2. Agree. Beautiful viewed from inside.

  3. I love the Teasel image, all of them in fact!

    Keep warm Si!

  4. Bit of a splash of snow today but not as cold