Friday 18 January 2019

More Plants that Should still be in Bed

My various walks and runs around the lakes the last weekend has revealed that more  wildflower species have emerged, some rather earlier that I would have thought.

The first cemetery crocuses have appeared, frail and sad looking in the grim weather, their purple flowers yet to unfurl, petals huddled against the cold. 

On my travels I have also seen the first flowering lesser celandine, down by the ditch by London Road pond. This is a usual spot for them, but I don't recall ever seeing them this early. 

That was nothing compared to the ragged robin I found further down, past the second bridge on the cycle track where every year the smooth newts gather and fail to breed because their temporary pond dries up.

Just a solitary plant, it's spidery spiky flowers pink. The frosts may have already knocked it on its head. 

It should have stayed in bed.


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