Thursday 24 January 2019

Christmas Roses

My stepfather has been buying yet more nice plants for my mother's enormous nice plants collection, and the latest edition is pictured below.

Apparently it is a "Christmas Rose" but to me it is Green Hellebore in a plant pot. It is a very attractive plant, although compared to some of my mother's fancy orchids it is a bit overshadowed. Our favourite white and purple ink splotch one has been in flower continuously it seems for several years. 

So, we've had a really sharp cold snap since the weekend, and I've been cycling to work through the lot of it. The last two mornings were savage, with black ice everywhere which meant I was safer on the main roads than pedestrians were on the pavements. On the bridge over the railway line, folk this morning were desperately clinging on to the railings to stop themselves sliding 50 metres down the slope. 

The drawback is that these cold nights and mornings have made me ill again,  or at least reversed my slow recovery from this wretched cold. Do not feel amazing.


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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. I have one of those, or similar hellebores in the garden. Thriving in the NE Scottish winter.

  2. Hope you get over the cold soon.
    The hellebore is lovely - I have planted several in our garden over the years but always seems to lose them :(

  3. It is indeed Helleborus Niger Si - needs planting outside, but if it likes you it will do you proud, if it is not happy where it is planted you can say goodbye to it. If it hasbeen grown and kept indoors not sure what to do - it isn't an indoor plant but if it is used to indoors then it would surely die in the cold. It is one of my favourite plants.

  4. Thanks all I will tell my stepfather this information