Monday 7 January 2019

On Risking a Run

Finally I cracked, the inactivity had become far too much for  me, it was too windy to cycle and walking takes too long.

I thought I'd stuff gel insoles into my running shoes, and have a gentle trot round the two lakes.

Gentle is what it was, as it took me 40 plus minutes to do 6km. After 5km it got a bit sore too in my left heel, but my right is ok.

Certainly it doesn't feel any worse now than it did, so although I won't run again for a bit, short runs on easy ground might be ok. It's the one form of exercise that gets my heart-rate up high enough, and the sweat to come quicker.

Oh what a lovely thought for you all!

Today, there was a drake and duck goosander on the lake. The rafts of black headed gulls that bob about in large numbers seem to like mobbing them; presumably they hang about near them in the hope of stealing fish or frogs.

There are new emergences too, although not strictly wildflowers. The green hellebore in the library gardens is now flowering, as well as some small white flowers but no dwarf iris yet.

Got to keep moving!


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  1. Always good to get going again. I think I'm now out for 2 weeks with my calf problem. That's the price for two road races in December and probably some compensating for loss of cushioning in left heel. False economy running on a pair of shoes past their use by mileage! New shoes and new trails when I start again in Feb. Good luck with your running!

  2. I've got gel insoles but need better running shoes!

  3. Well done getting out for a run, Si 👍