Tuesday 8 January 2019

Go to Bed Hoggy!

Having a little look around while doing a bit of late night naked eye astronomy, when across the road I noticed a dark snuffling shape over on the little park across the road where during the day the first redwing had arrived to have a crack at the cotoneaster.

Of course I knew what it was, but what was Tiggywinkles doing out on a January night?

It was reasonably mild, and wet ground probably meant it was a good night for hunting. But hoggies should be in their beds this time of year!

It wasn't a small hedgehog, and it appeared healthy and I have absolutely no means of doing a rescue, so I left it where it was. Apparently I perhaps should have contacted a rescue, but I will keep an eye out. It's a favourite spot for hedgehogs, that little park.

I hope my prickly friend is well and can get to sleep.


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  1. I would have thought it was hibernating by now. My hedgehog rescue friend says that they often come out because they need water, but if he is still out now in this frosty weather (clear, starry night here and very cold)I can't see him surviving.

  2. Lots of animals that hibernate don’t sleep the whole winter through but wake in milder temps to forage and stock up on energy. If he looked well hopefully that’s what it was. The bees were out here last week when it was mild, but they’ve all gone away again now it’s got colder again.

  3. As above, I also read that hedgehogs will often come out for a "walk" during the hibernation period to look for food/water - so I still keep putting food out for them and it always gets eaten (probably by other creatures). I found a small one back in November in our garden - I removed some ticks from it and weighed it - it was only 400g. I probably should have kept it in but there was still enough time hopefully for it to gain some weight before hibernation - I think they're meant to be at least 500g. I hope to see it in the spring, fingers crossed.

  4. Thank you all, it is much colder now so hopefully he took the chance to feed up on a damp mild night and has gone back to bed again

  5. Hedgehogs have been late hibernating this year due to the milder weather. I still have some feeding in the garden and also put water out for them.
    Hope your 'park hedgehog' is ok.

  6. Thank you Bob and Cheryl. After a cold spell it has got mild again.

  7. Awww, so cute! "Tiggywinkle" brought me back to Beatrix Potter memories. I loved the story of Mrs. Tiggywinkle! And all the other ones too.

    Love the ducks in your header - they remind me of the ones I saw while on a trip to Ireland a few years back (not that we don't have ducks here in Canada). LOL.

  8. Welcome Wendy and thanks for commenting!