Saturday 5 January 2019

Another Hunt Successful

Despite being full of a heavy cold, I managed to get out twice today. Probably slightly daft I know, but I need to feel fresh air on my face, I need to be able to see things.

For once I didn't have the usual Saturday exhaustion and felt pretty lively. Once I'd laid in bed for two hours warming up, like a lizard resting on a rock with no sun to kick start its blood.

The hot cup of tea at Rumbles tasted especially good in the cold after a walk round the park.

In the afternoon, I walked around the two lakes, and saw a record number of goosander on the lake - 2 very handsome drakes and 6 ducks. In flight they look stunning too, white wings flashing low over the water.

I wasn't looking for them, nor was I looking for the little egret that was also on view. I was walking further round, to Friary Gardens, where after a little bit of careful searching, low to the ground, I found the first winter aconite of 2019. Exactly where I expected them too!

Well, the springing of spring goes on. Even though its winter.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.01.19


  1. Lots of things budding forth. We still have roses blooming and budding and carnations in the North East of Scotland. Lots of Short Eared Owls.

  2. How I envy you those aconites Si - and the witch hazel (and the little egret too). Happy New Year.

  3. Aconites as well as Snowdrops in flower - a great start to the year Simon. Love the witch hazel :)