Tuesday 1 January 2019

Let's Get Walking in 2019

So, I have walked about 4 miles today, and although my foot still hurts thanks to the orthotics I have in my walking shoes, it isn't any worse. Very shortly the weather is going to make sane cycling impossible and I've got to stay active somehow.

Today  on the lake, there was only a solitary goosander today, but the first little egret has made its way to Balderton. We had as many as three last winter so I wonder how many will visit this season?

To me, despite the short days and the cold, this is spring. As I have done so every year I will show you the changes as the new wildflowers emerge, I love how colour returns to the ground, I love how you can see the birds in breeding plumage before the leaves get in the way.

Hopefully I can do this from more locations this year.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.01.2019


  1. Superb walking in the in the winter. Have a beautiful new year 2019.

  2. Yes !..you have snowdrops and we have Violets ..yes, it is Spring to me too ! :)

  3. I am sure that cold is a relative term. What you call cold would be almost balmy here. And you have snowdrops too! How lovely is that!

  4. Happy new year, Si, and a lovely set of photos. Here's to those small things we so nearly fail to notice...