Saturday 19 January 2019

Redwing at the Bottom of the Drive

I noticed as I walked into town today that a flock of around 20 redwing had descended on the small ornamental park near my hometo finally make a concerted attack on the cotoneaster berries that always get left until it gets cold and everything else has been eaten.

I resolved to photograph them with my bridge camera when I got back home. And after I had eaten too of course. That was important.

Luckily after prandial perambulations they were still around, so I grabbed the camera, nipped across a road parasitised by roadworks, and got a few pictures.

The light was horribly flat and grey, but contrary to expectations I got some ok pictures of these chacky little thrushes. Probably because they don't swim fast like bloody goosander do.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 19.01.19


  1. Always nice to see these winter visitors, though they're not very numerous here yet. Send some down, would you?

  2. We used to have fieldfare and redwing in abundance on the farm with all the hawthorn berries. Since moving here (only two fields away) I haven't seen a single one.

  3. lovely to see the redwings (I love how their red markings are shining in the last photo here).

  4. THank you everybody! They were there again today