Monday 14 January 2019

Successful Goosander Hunt

I repeated my route of yesterday again today, this time at a slower pace on a brighter, calmer day.

My bridge camera was with me, and I was keen to get some decent goosander pictures for you. Compared to previous years, they are venturing closer inshore on the Blue Lake, but they still are very wary of people and the odd time even took to the air when they noticed me approaching.

They never stop moving either, so it is difficult to get a good shot and I'm still struggling with this bridge camera. At least you can see what I've photographed today!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 14.01.19


  1. Getting there. I had a bridge camera. Could not to get to grips with it. I now have a Lumix with Leica lens. Well pleased just point focus and shoot. I just like the way you take the image and I enjoy seeing them.

  2. The photos are better than my goosander pictures taken a few weeks ago! Bird photography especially if they are not close and the light is low is difficult!

  3. The action in the top photo captures the moment.

  4. Thanks! Hopefully I have a better bird photograph for you today