Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sunset Committee

I've spent the afternoon at my cricket club AGM, and am thus rather too full of diet coke for this time of the evening. Hopefully a pint of Reverend James later will clear those jitters.

I've had a bit of a lazy day today, wanting to get some reading and watching of movies. I didn't really enjoy how cold it was today either, as I went to buy some milk.

I was out looking for Leonid meteors last night; I didn't see a single bloody one, despite the excellent conditions. Ach the Leonids, a very erratic shower at best, especially away from one of their periodic maxima such as that in 1966, where virtually no meteors were seen in the UK, while thousands lit the sky PER HOUR in the USA.

Still I had my binoculats so was able to have a bit of a general stargaze. Lost my bearings, and thought Gamma Andromedae was a nova at one point. Silly boy.

As ever, the river looks beautiful in the last light of the day.


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  1. Lovely light in the photo

    Rarely see meteorites in Edinburgh, though have had excellent views elsewhere

  2. You need clear skies. As with the Auroras of which we see quite few from our dining room patio door. Which then leads to the DP going out to the nearest coast bit that is even darker. Saw them dancing a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic.

  3. SAdly aside from one incredible night on March 13th 1989, the Aurora has been an elusive beast here inland!