Saturday, 11 November 2017

Back to Gentle Running

I really thought I'd gotten away with it too, but no my ankle has decided to start aching afterwards, even though I've rested it for a month.

It had gone so well, although the cycling jacket is not going to work as a running jacket. Not breathable enough. I don't mind winter running, as I've said before it can be rather refreshing, and the views in a low sun beautiful.

The black headed gulls have returned to town for the winter, black heads now molted away to leave the two little spots they sport for winter. On the flipside of the coin, the local mallards are resplendent and acting like it's breeding season already. I walked along the River Devon this morning and there is a lot of quacking and scrapping going on already, stirring up splashes in the glittering river.

Getting home the local friendly cat was pleased to see me, unlike the other local cat who I caught skulking past with a mouse in its gob last night.

I realise I haven't used my bridge camera for a long while; I just never got the results I wanted with it, my bird shots were usually awful and very soft. Shaky hands, and could never get the hang of the manual settings. I really must try and work it again.


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  1. Beautiful light in your photos. Sorry to hear the ankle is still giving you pain.

  2. Thank you! Sore today, but I've been able to go walking on it