Saturday, 4 November 2017

A Riverside Walk

Yes, it's another Saturday where exhaustion, and an overhearty lunch, took their toll on me as yet again two hours of afternoon suddenly disappeared.

So yet again, low was the sun when I set out for a second walk of the day, heading down to the park to enjoy a cup of tea and the sunset views.

Sometimes you get the golden light on the river, but the angles were all wrong for that! We ended up with a pinky river, what iPhone manufacturers would call "Rose Gold" I suppose when they were having a moment of artistic inspiration.

Let's be honest. It's pink.

It's cold, but with decent clothes on, it's not a problem. It can actually be refreshing, walking during the day is not the same as my sometimes painful commutes to work in the darkness before dawn. This is why the supposed romance of snowy or frosty days actually fills me with dread - I have Raynaud's syndrome and my hands are agony in the cold.

But when not commuting, I always enjoy being outside. Though it is the time when everything dies or goes to sleep, in a couple of months, the flowers will start to shoot forth again. That's what I look forward to.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 04.11.17


  1. You're making me feel guilty, just sitting here in the warm when it's fine outside. I'd better get moving!

  2. Lovely photos of the river - much colder here too although lovely and sunny :)

  3. Thank you, not had such a nice day today however!

  4. My ears and nose are already protesting about the weather. And we're not even in winter yet.