Monday, 13 November 2017

Of Sundials and Guinea Fowl

No running today, and it being very cold it was very hard to get started today. But eventually, after buying the usual load of uninspiring lunch things for work this week, I struck out for Hawton, across the fields, with the hope of doing a little geocaching there too.

The wind had dropped today, so it was a rather more pleasant day to be out but still cold and crisp. Not enough sun to make the sundial in the cemetery work, but nice all the same.  I thought I might run into some winter thrushes out in the Grange Road fields, but there was nothing apart from a heron investigating the freshly ploughed field. Meanwhile I listened to 6 music, happy as ever.

My mother always asks me where do I go, and why. I tell her it doesn't really matter. I love to listen to the radio while I'm outside.

Hawton Church, with its carved faces on either side of the doorway, perhaps Thomas Molyneux and his other half, is the site of a geocache, a so called church micro which are usually placed nearby rather than on the church itself. I narrowed my search down to a park bench just the other side of the wall, but yet again I lucked out.

I'm a a bit hopeless at this new game of mine, alas.

Still, the church always looks splendid, I wish I could catch one of their little markets in summer.

Just along from the church, I noticed that the bizarre flock of guinea fowl I'd come across before was clustered in the entrance to a large house off the main road...aha, an ornamental flock. They are very strange looking birds, with huge (and tasty?) bodies relative to the tiny head.

Two were sat on the gate like edible sentries.

More mysterious goings on were taking place in a beet field on the way back into town. A couple of chaps were looking at a laptop mounted on a sort of trailer with prongs, towed by a quad bike. It was probably some farming related mundanity; the more excitable part of me hoped it was an archaeological geophysics investigation.

After that, it was off to Rumbles for a well earned and very large cup of tea!



  1. You had a strange kind of outing.

  2. Your journeys out are much more interesting than mine!

  3. Sounds a fascinating trip out :) Love the church and sundial photos.

  4. How random is that "in a beet field on the way back into town. A couple of chaps were looking at a laptop mounted on a sort of trailer with prongs, towed by a quad bike"...made me smile!

    You do have some interesting walks Si!

  5. I love your guinea fowl picture Si - they are such strange creatures.

  6. THere's some odd stuff going on out there! Don't seem to have to go far to find it.

  7. Love it - sounds a great excursion!

  8. THe guinea fowl have far too small heads!

  9. I love it, the countryside is fabulous.

  10. It does look like some form of home brew geophysics set up though not necessarily archaeological.
    Always like to see the carvings on other churches.