Monday, 20 November 2017

Riverside Walkings

It had rained overnight, and it did so again today.

But it was light, and curiously refreshing rain, so I rather enjoyed it as I walked out towards Farndon, and came back in along a river reflecting dramatic cloudscapes as various weather fronts moved over.

There wasn't anything amazing to see, just the boats parked up in front of the houses that back onto the Trent. A few gulls sat ornamentally on various vantage points, and noisy mallards squawked their way around the watercourses.

I didn't do any geocaching, but I did find a different sort of treasure. At Sconce Park, they have have had children paint up some stones and hide them around the grounds, and today I came across one in the charming sign for the mini reserve of Hawton Holt.

I wonder where the rest are? I hope I find a few more, I like being able to come across things like this.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 20.11.17


  1. Looks a lovely walk. I hope you find some more of the painted stones - a super idea :)

  2. Great walking in autumn, I love the Narrowboat, fantastic.

  3. A much more artistic painted stone than the ones I am finding here.

  4. I like the photo of the leaves, and the painted stones are fun, too!