Sunday, 26 November 2017

Strange Skies and Squirrels

So, I've been out for a while again today, a 7km or so walk through my beloved Grange Road fields where flocks of chaffinch and goldfinch flitted along the hedgerows. It's interesting, you'd think the goldfinch would be more skittish, but it is the chaffies that take flight at even quite distant human approach, their white tail and wing bars flashing against the ploughed earth.

Meanwhile the goldies quite happily let you walk underneath the trees you are sitting in.

I've met two squirrels today, likewise one of which was ok with having its picture taken, and then a real furry little git in my garden who sat their munching ivy berries for ages with me watching just underneath, them ran off as soon as I (very slowly) lifted my phone up to take a shot.

Over on the park, where I had one of winter's great pleasures in watching a flock of long tailed tits working the blackthorn above me. There was also a game of woman's football happening, don't see that too often on the park.

In town, the Christmas lights went on today, I always like walking through, but never stay to watch. Even though you can buy Prosecco cocktails from a horsebox.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 26.11.17


  1. It's not real Prosecco unless it comes from Triest or region Prosecco is the name of a village. I'm struggling under my first cold of the season. Don't advise running in fog. Why do we never learn?

  2. It's all the same, fizzy stuff that makes you drunk!

  3. I love to see LTTs but they haven't visited here for ages.

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