Friday 3 February 2017

Mr Shoveller

Just to prove that the Shoveller I mention from time to time on London Road Pond actually exists, although the pictures I've managed to get of it have all been in terrible light, and also it  - and its mate - spend all their time with their heads in the water swimming round in circles doing their shovelling thing.

My sister and her fiance are visiting, so we've sat and watched Frank Gardner and posh boy Benedict going up the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea looking for birds of paradise. Greatly enjoyable actually, we love watching this sort of TV as a family, it happens very rarely nowadays.

No run tonight because of family. Didn't need much excuse to be fair, it's pretty windy. Tomorrow, off we go for some really proper runs.


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  1. Glad you managed to get a photo and enjoy your sister's visit :)

  2. Enjoy the break from running - you will go back refreshed!

  3. Hd a great 10km today, as you will see