Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Pigeon Convocation

I wonder what they are up to...holding an anti Trump rally to which they had forgotten to bring their placards? Southern Rail picket line? Simulating Nottingham Forest's home attendance in 5 years time?

Today they wouldn't have been perched in their trees, there has been light, but stinging, rain all day today, which would have affected my Vitamin D levels even if I had been outside all day which I haven't.

We had a session with our work physio today who suggested we were all suffering from Vitamin D deficiency in that environment, many of us going days at a time without seeing any natural light with our shift patterns.

I thought as an outdoorsy type I might be alright, but alas this vitamin can't be stored over time, apparently.

The local Holland and Barrets might find us storming the aisles.


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  1. At times like this when it's grey on grey for days and weeks my nearest and dearest simply pushes a spoon of vit d between my lips once a week. I'm like a baby. I just swallow whatever she gives me in the way of vitamins. This morning it was half a glass of vit. c. Then we went for a swim. I did my weekly 30 lengths then had a Chinese and a beer and went back to sleep.

  2. Ha, at my age I should probably be trying to do the same

  3. I sympathise with those on shifts. Now retired I try to get out and even if the weather means I just open the car window I do it. So far I have not had rickets.

  4. Yup, it's the latest craze/ focus, taking vit d supplements :o)

  5. Vitamin B used to be the big faddy one, which is toxic in overdose in some forms and can cause nerve damage.

  6. I walk everyday except when it is icy.
    The dog needs the exercise and so do I.
    I do not feel the same if I am indoors all day long.
    Vit D Hmmmm!! It is found in spreads now and cereals.

  7. Hospital prescribed Vit D for Col when he was in hospital for weeks and he's still on it now

  8. Funnily enough Si I was thinking of getting a D supplement when I next went near to the chemist. Shall definitely do so now.