Sunday, 29 January 2017

Now what could you Possibly be Doing up there?

A very grey and rainy day today prompted me to go out running wearing my sexy neon kag, which I know everyone thinks is the sexiest garment alive.

As it turned out I ended up wearing far too many layers for the conditions, sweated like a pig and because the sexy kag isn't very breathable ended up wetter than I would have if I hadn't worn it.

I never learn, but then, walking the rain versus temperature tightrope is a tricky task. It's easier when I'm cycling to work in winter, as I don't get so hot.

Anyway, as I went out I noticed that my bird feeder had an interested onlooker. Now I've only recently put the thing back up, so either the feeder has had a few visitors to attract this attention, or the onlooker knows in general what bird feeders are, and what visits them...

...crunchily tasty small feathered flying objects.

Unlike most of the local cats, this one stayed its ground as I approached, and only backed away a little bit when I got really close.

It was clearly a hungry feline!


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  1. Wasn't hungry, a murderer of our birds for their sake.

  2. It's a bigger leap to that feeder than it looks like!

  3. "Should I leap and risk one of my nine lives?"

  4. Oh dear. I adore cats but sometimes they have characteristics I hate.

  5. Such a great photo, Si. Your hungry visitor has mesmerizing eyes.

    Thank you for your comment. The crested tit is our special guest this year.

  6. I know, it's hard, I love cats too but next door's are buggers for birds, they won't bell them.

  7. Looks like some one keeping an eye out for possible visitors.
    Came in from Heron and if you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee

  8. Luckily we don't get cats in the garden because of the dogs xx

  9. Thank you so much all, especially new visitors!

  10. Or maybe cats just like sitting on high viewpoints - no, you are probably right and it's on the look out for a free meal