Saturday 28 January 2017

So that's what was Going on

I went running up the cycle path today to see what was going on at the Cotham Flash birdwatching area, an area I was unpleasantly chased off by its new owner a few months ago despite the fact it has been used as a byway by lots of people for years.

There was speculation in town; a waste dumping site perhaps, but you can now see the purpose of the land quite a long way off now.

Three massive wind turbines have gone up. Now we know. Someone has decided to take advantage of the subsidy to put them up before the May government ends them, would be my guess.

But oh! Bonus rainbow!


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  1. I have very mixed feelings about wind turbines, they produce good clean energy but are inefficient and in the wrong place destroy the landscapes and are a danger to wildlife.

  2. I feel the same about these ones, very mixed!

  3. They're major use is for making money for both the company that erected them and the land owner on whose land they've gone. Producing green energy is probably the least of those people's considerations.