Sunday, 15 January 2017

Flying High

The gry, mizzly but mild day has had a soporific effect on me; it has been difficult to muster much energy to do anything, yet again.

But still, I've run 11km which sounds perfectly acceptable to me, did a 10km within 1 hour as part of that which is pretty good going. It was real old school cross country mud on my usual route today, a real slog in places and in the flat light there wasn't much to see.

One fellow had taken the obvious solution the mud, and decided to fly above it. This green paraglider is a familiar sight over South Newark in warmer months, but I'm rather surprised to see it out today.

It must provide wonderful views of the town. I wonder where it launches from?


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  1. Beautiful, but, where is the person in the bottom two??????

  2. It must be cold up there at this time of year. Even running through the mud sounds preferable.

  3. The farmer tramped through mud on Saturday, especially where the footpath crossed several ploughed fields - don't think he would have gone overhead!

  4. It was mild yesterday, well wrapped up I think you'd be ok up there!