Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A World in Stasis

Everything seems to move more slowly in a fog.

It's like watching something falling into a black hole - so Brian Cox tells me I've never watched it happen myself and I suspect nor has he - the further into the fog objects are, the slower they seem to move.

Everything becomes lethargic, the damp air expertly conducting heat out of any source. The tufted duck are all but motionless, drifting a little on the lake currents, and barely visible in the fog a flotilla of canada geese are not moving at all.

No birds are singing. I feel like I'm the only thing expanding any energy at all, wasting it with this useless running, as the fauna must be thinking.

Why was I running? To get about, getting wonderfully atmospheric views such as these.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.01.17


  1. The other wonderfuly eerie thing about fog is the way it stifles sounds. You can almost imagine being the only person on the planet.

  2. About the most depressing weather of all though, wouldn't you agree Si?

  3. Really wet fog here today - and cold, the worst sort of weather

  4. Here in Kent the fog has been around for a couple of days....it is so cold.

    I love the images especially the ones I consider to be slightly spooky.

  5. Thank you everyone; the water in the fog conducts heat away from the body, would be my guess, hence the really cold feeling.

  6. Misty is the word, or foggy. I love the birds.

  7. Yay for snowdrops!