Sunday 19 February 2017

Snowdrop Hall

Today the weather was pleasant enough for me to take to my bike for a spin today, first 20km plus one in a while.

I wanted to go and see if the snowdrop display at Kelham Hall was out yet - as you can see below, it was! - and just get some miles into my legs. The sun was already going in when I set out at 12, but as I headed into town I got a brief glimpse of something fluttering overhead, a black butterfy-flutterly shape that I'm guessing was probably a hardy red admiral.

Something else black I noticed was by the bypass roundabout, where in a little rubbish strewn dell next to this insanely busy junction, was a tent where someone had decided to live rough in a black tent. The milk and orange juice outside the tent flap was a nice homely touch, I thought.

And I thought there were only rough sleepers off the cycle path.

Kelham Hall was indeed white with little flowers, although it seems to be not as amazing as it was three or so years ago. Lots of other folk were out looking too, and amazingly there were campers and caravanners on site. Still a little chill for that, I would have said.

From there I cycled through Little Carllon and Bathley, quiet posh villages, on quiet roads, before heading over to North Muskham to have a look. Here I was delighted to see a beautiful drake goldeneye swimming about with a fleet of tufted duck.

They really are handsome!

Then, back into town for cafe stop and tea, as lots of folk on expensive Bianchi and Colnago racers flew past me!


All text and images copyright CreamCRackeredNature 19.02.17


  1. Beautiful snowdrop pictures - they look so lovely :)

  2. There's some stunning ones kicking around on various blogs...puts these to shame