Wednesday 22 February 2017

Still Life Sketching over a Pint

Not exactly Doctor Sketchy stuff, but I like doing it.

For some daft reason drawing, as opposed to photgraphy or writing, makes me feel a more cultured person. Pure snobbery on my part. Why does the ability to wield a pencil make you better?

Familial envy is another issue - everyone in my my family has a higher art qualification apart from me, be it graphic or fine.

Heaven knows what my talentless genes are a throwback to!



  1. I assume you do it because you enjoy it. As I do. Unlike photography drawing and painting is a complete switch off and very good for stress ! You appear to do it very well as you do your photography. I draw and paint birds and beasts. No good at flowers.

  2. Thank you Jill, I just have a go at it because I like doing quick sketches, but also because it makes you look at things, more, and differently, than merely taking photographs.

  3. A great attempt - much better than I could do! I do enjoy painting and drawing (it is so relaxing) but am absolutely rubbish at it. Mu husband can paint really well though - makes me feel very envious!

  4. Your sketch is beautiful!
    It's always interesting to read the comments here as well. Unlike Jill, I find taking photos very relaxing and trying to draw/paint very stressing. :)

  5. Thank you all, your comments are much appreciated

  6. It's a really nice way to spend time when you're in the right mood. I go through phases of drawing and then not. I like your pencil sketch.