Sunday 12 February 2017

The Utter Freezing Cold

I think today, with the biting easterly wind cutting through me like cheese wire, has been the coldest day I've experienced this winter. It was dark from about sunrise onwards, the sky a grim battleship grey until sunset.

I wandered around the Sconce Park to see what I might see, well there was a fed up looking little egret in the field on the other side of the River Devon. It didn't like being clocked by a shivering observer; as soon as it knew it was up in the air, heading eastwards with its legs trailing, barely making any progress against the wind.

First time I've seen one there.

But really today was all about the cold. Even with gloves on, Raynaud pain was setting in, which never happens to me unless I'm on my bike normally. The cup of tea I had at the cafe was so so welcome.

Strangely the run I had later felt fine in the cold! What an odd boy I am.


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  1. I remember the owl. It looks a decent sort running trail you have. Plenty of variety.

    This morning we see our first sunlight for a week . . . and the outlook is for more. Maybe now Spring will arrive here in force!

    (that's Austrian for Cheers!)

  2. Thank you! It's lovely here today, will see what's about when I go running this afternoon

  3. Biting cold here on Saturday with snow showers at parkrun. Sunshine today. Nice set of photos.

  4. What a joy to see those catkins in the gloom! There is a tree laden with them just beyond our garden, reminding me that despite the cold and ice, spring can't be that far away! Great to have the Little Egret - we first saw these on the Gower (South Wales) in 1992/3.

  5. We've had cold over here across the great pond (Canada). Found you by way of Cheryl at Take Time to Smell the Flowers.

    Running in the cold takes discipline! Good for you getting out anyway - I tend to hibernate.
    Hope spring comes soon!

  6. Oh - I forgot to mention that I like your ducks in your header! They remind me of ducks (the while ones) I saw when I was in Ireland a couple of years ago.

  7. Wonder why they are keeping company with a greylag goose!

  8. I was interested to read that you saw an Egret, because a few weeks ago I was in Looe, and taking photos of a pair of Herons perched high in the trees in the heronry. I didn't see any Egrets or Little Egrets so I assumed they had migrated to warmer climes during our winter, but you've now smashed that theory!