Monday 20 February 2017

Spring now Welcomes Irises

The dwarf irises have now appeared in their customary little row in the library gardens, there to greet the sun that made an appearance early morning, before hiding away again until it re-appeared in the late afternoon.

I love their yellow tongues, they almost look like a landing strip for bees. Not that there were any bees about today.

Today, I was able to get away with wearing a T-Shirt and a quilted shirt on top. My sister was sweltering in a vest top in London, where she had more sun than I did.

It meant, that as I spent a couple of hours walking around this afternoon, I found myself wondering if I would hear the song of a chiff chaff, or see a brimstone butterfly, but not that warm!

Two weeks, I reckon.


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  1. Wow!

    Yesterday I spotted the first flower. A primrose. Scrawny and cowering, unsure of itself, as if wondering where the others are. I expect spring to finally get underway today with a change in the wind direction and a leap in temperatures. Bring it on!

  2. Lovely to see such a large collection of irises.

  3. Funny little things, always found in that little row next to the bowling green!

  4. Beautiful Irises, you caught it really good.

  5. Wonderful colours... no wonder van Gogh could not resist these flowers!