Friday 24 February 2017

Love Birds

Came across these two sheltering in the Rupert Beer garden from the pouring rain and high winds of two nights ago! They were huddled quite close, and unlike the pigeon that crashed down my chimney a few years ago, they weren't startled by the flash.

Good news. After turning over the idea in my mind for a while, I finally decided to formally propose my idea of creating a wildflower meadow  on our huge site has been accepted. Me and an enthusiastic gardener are going to do a survey and cost it out next week, and then look into getting some seeds and looking for volunteer labour.

It may not work, but we'll see. I'm feeling quite pleased this idea took the fancy of the powers that be!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.02.17


  1. I will be watching your progress on the meadow with interest. It is something I would like to do sometime in the future. The butterflies and bees will love you :)

  2. That is great news about the meadow - look forward to hearing about progress.

  3. We'll see how the meadow goes, I will post pictures when I can!

  4. Great news about the meadow. Local nature reserves may be able to help with seeds if you explain what you're doing and are prepared to collect them yourself this summer.

  5. Thanks Countryside, I'll speak to my main gardener man