Saturday 11 February 2017

The Loneliness of the Runner by Night

I've written a fair bit of the runs I've done by night, runs I feel are very beneficial to me, and there is a certain relish to be had in defying the elements, running in the cold and in the case of the other night, snow, to try and get a good level of fitness and keep my weight down.

The mental benefits of running are huge to me too, that I do know.

But night running is restricted to bright streets, and it is hard to find a decent route through decent areas and get enough distance in. It feels lonely without the light, with people all tucked away behind their curtains. On the foggier nights, you feel you are the only person in the Universe.

On I plod at my steady kilometre every 5 minutes 45, my footsteps the only noise around.

It is really hard going sometimes.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.02.17


  1. There must be some beauty in the night. Though with all the street lights hmmm. I will never run but I understand the buzz as I get it when I walk.

  2. Running alone at night with a head torch (or hand held torch) is a wonderful and different experience, especially in snow. I try and remember to take a whistle if I'm going off-road.

  3. Keep going, Si! It's type two fun :o).

  4. Thanks! It has been like night all day today!