Wednesday 30 November 2016

The Lights go on, the Temperatures go Down

Newark's Christmas lights went on on Sunday; I was just on a pretty decent long run, 10.5km in when I turned into town to see what was going on, and found myself running into a solid jam of people packing out the market place listening to One Direction cover acts on the stage, while hogs were roasted, porks were pulled, and funny spinny lighty-up things were sold to excited children.

I've never seen the town so busy for such an event, and although this was pleasing indeed, it wasn't my scene at all. A lot of tat and fairground rides, and far far too many people. But hey it gives me colour to show you! And that can't be bad.

Since then, the temperature has been dropping until the last two nights it hit about -6 and -7, which has made my morning cycles to work utter agony; I have Raynaud's syndrome and my left hand in particular has been telling me how cold it has been by means of the scale of agony.

"Bullshit was that -1" I announced yesterday, referring to the weather forecast, and my left hand was right.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 30.11.16


  1. Gosh - never seen so many people in Newark Si.
    Sorry about that cold and the way it affects you - no joke day after day.

  2. Busiest day I've ever seen in town. Luckily temps above freezing - just - last night so pain not too bad this morning, just index finger of left hand

  3. I love seeing your pictures of Newark, brings back so many happy memories. Shame about all the rubbish being sold, ultimately headed for Landfill and sooner than it should be no doubt :o(. Not as cold as that here, we've had -4. Makes running interesting!

  4. Colourful images indeed Simon.......not my scene either but fun for those that enjoy it.

    My father in law suffered with the same condition. I remember him saying how painful it was.

    Have a good weekend

  5. Thanks all! See what I can find to look at this weekend!